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"There is only one way to science (...): to meet a problem, to see its beauty and fall in love with it, and to live with it happily, till death do you part - unless you should meet another and even more fascinating problem (...). But even if you do obtain a solution, you may then discover, to your delight, the existence of a whole family of enchanting though perhaps difficult problem children for whose welfare you work, with a purpose, to the end of your days."

Karl Popper

Au travail


Currently located at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the research lab PhilETAS, I am a doctoral researcher within the Research Unit

"The Epistemology of the Large Hadron Colider".

My research focuses on epistemic risk induced by computer simulation in the ATLAS experiment.

I completed my Master degree in "Logic, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology" at the University of Lyon in France. I've been working on Karl Popper's cosmological thesis of propensity and on predictive technology in contemporary science. During my training I was lucky to do an internship at the Institute of Physics of Lyon (IP2I) with an emphasis on CMS experiment of the LHC.


Topics of interest

Structure moderne
Nuages ​​duveteux

computer simulation and machine learning

Philosophy and history of physics

 uncertainty and risk